1) How can the benefits of ProHandle be summed up?

The Prohandle reduces the need to bend while performing a variety of tasks when using long handled stick-tools both indoors or out.
The Prohandle easily helps to prevent back injury (Musculoskeletal Disorders- MSD's) by promoting wise movement and lifting and is particularly designed for those with Arthritic conditions or other joint ailments. Not just another piece of equipment, the ProHandle provides value far beyond its many uses helping to keep the user healthy and productive both at work and at home. By working smarter, not harder, one can work stronger and more efficiently with less effort.

2) What non-typical yet very practical uses are there for the ProHandle?
With its space saving ability the ProHandle is at home on board a boat where quarters are tight.It can be placed anywhere along the guard/hand rails or on the ladder of the swim platform for a highly visible hand-up when exiting the water. Nets and gaffs as well as scrub brushes are perfect for the ProHandle. Stainless steel hardware insures longevity.

3) Are replacement parts available?

Yes - Call for details.

4) What is your guarantee? The ProHandle comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

5) Is there a ProHandle available for a diameter larger than 1 1/4"?
Not at this time, however if specifications are required by an agency call our corporate office and we will review and discuss your specifications with our engineering department.

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