"A simple chain is
only as strong as

its weakest link
and if humans
were such a
chain, our
weakest link
would be the
lower back."

Frank T. Saladino, Jr. CEO Trentco Innoventions.


The Pro Handle is designed to encourage one to work with a better, less stressful posture by reducing the need to bend which reduces the risk of back injury. With a choice of 5 customized positions, the ProHandle is designed to flow with the body's natural movement and form therefore working with it and not against it. Comfortable thumbscrews allow the ProHandle to be easily attached or removed. This is particularly helpful for users with arthritis or other joint ailments. Regarding our work force, particularly our aging "boomer" population, back injuries have grown to epidemic proportions and are now the leading cause of illness second only to the common cold. This is reflected by O.S.H.A.'s claim that $15 billion is spent on Workers Compensation cases annually. The ProHandle is removable and transferable to many other tools. With uses that span household chores, leisure, sporting and construction work its applications are as endless as its value.

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