It's refreshing to actually get your money's worth out of this product. The industrial environment, such as this sewage treatment plant, is the proving grounds for any piece of equipment that plans on standing the test of time.
For me, the ProHandle takes on industrial abuse like nobody's business."
-Peter Bennet, Sr., Brooklyn, NY

"After a hard day at work and a back that already aches, raking leaves was
the furthest thing from my mind. I just took the ProHandle off my wife's mop,
attached it to my rake, adjusted the angle to my comfort and completed the
task without a problem." -Richard Poggi of Westwood, N.J.

"I find gardening a great way to relax. It's nice to see that the ProHandle fits
almost every tool in my shed. Now not only is gardening relaxing but it's also
fun and easy." -
Nancy Huber of Rockvale, TN.

"The ProHandle is perfect for when I mop my floors. Not only is it lightweight
but it folds up tight and is easy for me to store in my kitchen closet. My
husband Ian loves it on our steam cleaner." -Reesa Werbell of Bartonsville, Pa.

"It's hard to run across anyone in Florida without a swimming pool. I attached
the ProHandle to my skimmer net which makes it easier for me to reach out
and pick up with leverage. And since those aqua robots don't always work, the
ProHandle certainly makes life easier when I find myself scrubbing the pool bottom."-Mark Giuliano - Bayonet Pt., Fla

"The ProHandle was like taking a Motrin. It made it possible for me to shovel 4 yards of bluestone.." -Chris Petri of Sayville, NY

"I would much rather use my back to lift my grandchildren. The ProHandle saves my back and allows me to do so."-Rosemary Caruso of Bayside, NY

"Prepping both floors and roofs by forcefully scraping off old tile, shingles and other debris is my livelihood. I constantly work in a bent over position and I can't afford to have a bad back. With the ProHandle attached to my weighted floor scraper there is little need for me to be as hunched over as I once was. In my business there are no such things as sick days. It's whatever you can afford."-
Harry Torres of Carmel, NY


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